That's what women want!

Anti Frizz technology made simple

For hundreds of years Hair Stylists and Women have been trying to Control Frizz!

Hair Stylists and women at home want to Eliminate Frizz and make their Hair SHINE! When hair is shiny and smooth our hair color is more beautiful and the hair will have sheen and reflection. We buy all types of liquid hair styling potions in search of the product that may or may not make the cuticles stick together to create shine. We use direct heat styling tools which force the cuticle closed, smashing the hair cuticles down, this makes the frizz problem even worse and causes split ends and heat damage.

Now with the T-360 Blowdryer Concentrator Nozzle you can naturally close the cuticles of the hair by directing the air flow down the hair shaft more easily so that the cuticles will gently close, making the hair shinier and less frizzy. As a Hair Stylist that works with women everyday, I know part of the problem is that women and Hairdressers don’t like holding their arms up for long periods of time while blowing hair dry, often leaving the hair damp or even worse, blasting blindly into the hair and against the cuticles! With the T-360 you can simply re-direct the air by turning and extending the telescopic feature to blow in the proper direction and you won’t have to keep your arm up the entire time while blowdrying. So..it’s simple, direct the air flow in the same direction as the cuticle of the hair and you will create smoother, shinier, healthier hair..Naturally. The hardest part will be remembering to keep your arm relaxed.

★ SHINY HAIR..because you will close the cuticle more easily

★ LESS FRIZZ.. because you will dry the hair completely

★ CONDITIONS the HAIR..because a closed cuticle protects the integrity of the hair

LONGER LASTING BLOW-OUTS..when the cuticles are closed your hair style will last longer 

T-360 Nozzle attachment on Blowdryer

The Smooth-Air Brushes

The EXTRA LONG Smooth-air brush are a hairdressers favorite and make blowing your hair so much EASIER and FASTER! The barrel of the brush is coated with CERAMIC for even heat distribution, the nylon bristles are infused with TOURMALINE, creating NEGATIVE IONS while closing the cuticles of the hair, resulting in LESS FRIZZ and SMOOTHER, SHINIER hair.  The Smooth-air brushes have an extended length handle and feel good in your hand because they are LIGHT WEIGHT and ERGONOMICALLY designed.  The HIGH QUALITY makes them great for PROFESSIONAL HAIRDRESSERS and everyone that wants BLOWOUTS to be more FAST and EASY!  Smooth-air brushes are $30.00-$34.95 and are a great addition to anyones Styling tool repertoire.

Smooth-air Brushes come in 5 different Diameters/sizes and are 13 inches long!

Extra Long for a Faster Blow-Out!

Serafino Torres

As the Founder and Owner of Smooth-Air Products Inc., my goal is to create affordable, high-quality ergonomic hairstyling tools for professionals and at-home users alike. I’ve earned seven issued US patents and have appeared on the Home Shopping Network where I promoted an innovative styling tool, the Slide-a-Curl. Having owned and managed salons for over 45 years, I’ve dedicated my time and experience to training Junior apprentice stylists “including my family members” to support them on their journeys towards their careers in the Beauty Industry.

One of my most notable inventions is the T-360 universal ergonomic blow dryer nozzle which helps Control Frizz while eliminating the physical and mental strain hairdressers endure every day. The T-360 allows users to have full control over the direction of the air flow without contorting their wrists, arms, necks or any other part of their bodies. You may wonder, Why do hairstylist and women at home hold their arms up for long periods of time while blowing hair dry anyway? Simple..they are trying to get behind the cuticle of the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and create shine.

Through Smooth-Air, I look forward to developing new ideas that can support the careers and long-term health of customer everywhere. 

Serafino Torres teaching a student