Ergonomic Nozzle


The T-360 ergonomic adjustable nozzle attachment is designed for ease of
use and to reduce pain and discomfort resulting from holding your hair dryer.

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Don’t let achy arms control your life….The T-360 is Ergonomically designed.
You’ll have: Less Frizz…Longer lasting hairstyles…..Shinier healthier hair


RELAX YOUR ARMS: The T-360 eliminates the need for hairdressers and individuals to raise their arms while blow drying hair. The hair dryer attachment swivels and rotates, which allows the hairstylist’s neck, shoulders and arms to relax.

FORGET FRIZZ: T-360 helps to control frizz and produces healthier, shinier longer lasting hairstyles, makes blow drying easier without having to raise your arms.

GO WITH THE FLOW: T-360 Ergonomic Nozzle makes it easier to blow with the flow of the hair cuticle while the air is directed away from the scalp, providing more control and avoiding hot spots on the scalp.




Tired of holding up your arms? Aching shoulders and arms from blow drying? With this latest breakthrough in hair-styling, you’ll be able to reduce the aches and pains associated with blow drying.

The Nozzle

The T-360 attachment has been created and patented by SERAFINO TORRES a salon owner and hairstylist for over 40 years. With the T-360 also you’ll have total control by manipulating the telescopic nozzle that rotates 360° instead of re-positioning your body you just re-position the T-360 and the T-360 will help you achieve the look you want. The T-360 helps you control frizz because you blow the flow of the cuticle which locks in and closes the cuticle and makes the hair shinier and your hairstyle will last longer. You can adjust and control the angle of the airflow and target hard-to-reach areas while holding the blow dryer in a relaxed and comfortable position.

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The Brushes

The Smoothair Brush barrel has a ceramic coating will distribute the heat evenly around the barrel, the bristles are infused with tourmaline negative ions this will penetrate and help condition the hair by closing the cuticle resulting in less frizz, smoother and shinier hair. The Smoothair Brush is longer, the handle is designed to prevent tingling and fatigue of the hands and fingers, it’s very light weight and balanced, heat resistance, snag proof and 20% to 40% longer than other round brushes.

The Smoot-air Brushes come in 5 sizes Retail Prices per brush $27.00

26mm Bristle to Bristle across 1 5/8
32mm Bristle to Bristle across  2”
45mm Bristle to Bristol across  2.5”
53mm Bristle to Bristle across  3”
65mm bristle to Bristle across  3.5”

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Why Smooth-air?

Hairdressers and consumers are tired of holding their arms in awkward positions in order to dry and style their hair. with the latest breakthrough in hairstyling you’ll be able to reduce the aches and pains associated with blow drying. The T-360 ergonomic attachment is the very first blow dryer improvement that will allow you to create fabulous finishes without having to position your arms and your body in pain inducing positions. For years hairstylist and clients have complained about pain and fatigue in their neck, shoulders, arms, wrist, and back while blowdrying.