How To Use/ Tips and Tricks

How to Pre-dry

While blowdrying hair it is important to start out right! So I will say as a hairdresser, first of all.. don’t make the hair frizzy by blindly blasting straight into the hair or “against the cuticle of the hair shaft” which is also known as “ruff drying”. Take the time to rest and relax your body while redirecting the air with the T-360 nozzle, redirect the air in same direction as the cuticle and in the direction of the desired hair style. Most hairdressers and consumers blow straight into the hair in hopes that the blow-dry will go faster, but it actually makes it take longer and causes frizz! In this video I show how you can make sure you don’t frizz the hair and you can take the time to rest your body and think about your posture while you use the nozzle to re-direct the hair instead of your body.

How to put the T-360 onto your Blow-dryer

Stretch the flexible sleeve end of the T-360 and pull it over and onto the end of your professional quality blow-dryer. If you have a wide opening on your blow-dryer, the industrial strength is designed to stretch over the wide opening as well. Once you have the T-360 nozzle on your blow-dryer, simply turn and extend the end with your hand (manually) to re-direct air flow so you can create beautiful hair styles more comfortably and you can also direct the air in the same direction as the cuticle of the hair shaft.

How To Direct the Air Flow by moving the T-360 Ergonomic Concentrator Nozzle

The T-360 Blowdryer Nozzle is Ergonomic, that means you can relax your arm and use the Telescopic and turning features of the T-360 Nozzle to Redirect the Air Flow as much as possible

As you can see in the Animation, the idea is to close the cuticles of the hair shaft because that will make the hair Shiny and Healthy, also the Blow-out will last longer.

Watch How Easy It Is To Use the T-360 Blowdryer Nozzle By Simply Turning It With Your Hand, It Rotates 360 Degrees And It Is Telescopic!

Direct the air flow manually;

1. Gently extend and turn the TELESCOPIC feature

2. ROTATE and TURN 360 degrees

How to put the T-360 nozzle onto your blowdryer and How to take it off of your blowdryer.

How to clean the Smoothair Ergonomic brush

Use a slightly damp towel or cloth to remove the hair from your round brush. Simply run the slightly damp towel over the brush and the towel will help gently remove and lift the hair off of the brush. Never use a brush or comb to remove the hair because you could accidentally scratch the ceramic coating on the barrel of the brush. A mild soap can also be used to gently wash your brush, be sure to dry it right away and don’t leave the Smoothair brush soaking in water.

How to make hair shine when blow-drying hair!

Get SHINY, HEALTHY hair when you blowdry hair the right way! Hair Styling tools like the T-360 Blowdryer Concentrator Nozzle will help to make blowdrying hair easier. Hairdressers know that when you blow-dry the hair in the same direction as the cuticle of the hair shaft, it makes the hair SHINY and HEALTHY, also the hair is more PROTECTED from the element like the SUN, HEAT, and DRY WEATHER.

Video about the T-360:

The T-360 is an ergonomically designed adjustable nozzle that works with just about any hair dryer. Invented by a hairdresser 40 years in the business, it’s patented and the only product of its kind. Adding an innovative telescoping pivot that swivels and rotates a full circle — 360 degrees — it converts any blow dryer with a 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inch nozzle into an ergonomic dryer. Quick and easy adjustments avoid awkward body positions, letting your neck, shoulders, and arms relax. And relieving wrist and back tension. The T-360 ergonomic dryer nozzle’s adjustable angles makes makes all those hard-to-reach areas comfortable.