Features & Benefits of the T-360

The T-360 “Ergonomic” Blow-dryer Concentrator Nozzle makes hair Shiny and Controls Frizz because it allows the user to manually re-direct the air Flo in the same direction as the cuticle of the hair shaft.   When you blow hair dry in the SAME DIRECTION as the cuticle of the hair shaft, the results are BETTER CONDITION, SHINIER HAIR, LESS FRIZZ, richer looking COLOR and your BLOWOUTS will last longer!  You can get the air Flo EXACTLY where you want it to go without Twisting your body in uncomfortable positions and you won’t have to hold your arm up for a long period of time, so chances are you will dry your hair completely and this also helps hair to not frizz!   

  • Simply turn the nozzle in any direction, it turns 360 degrees!
  • You can extend the telescopic feature of the nozzle by extending it manually,  for those hard to reach places, “like behind your head!”  
  • Relax your body, arm, shoulder and neck, “Remember” to keep your arm “down” as much as possible during the blowout and let the T-360 do the work and you can get all of the benefits that the T-360 has to offer.     
  • The button on the side, turns so you can have more or less tension with the telescopic feature. 
  • The Patented Silicon end stretches over and Fits onto your 1 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ blow dryer end & GRIPS on so it won’t Pop-off!   
  • The results will be SHINY, HEALTHIER , BEAUTIFUL HAIR!  When you are more comfortable while drying your hair you will be more likely to dry your hair “Completely” and you won’t leave the hair slightly damp, which causes the hair to frizz.  Also you won’t blast the air straight into the hair without any direction “causing frizz” making it even harder to SMOOTH and STYLE.
Shiny hair-closed cuticles
When you blow-dry hair in the same direction as the cuticle of the hair shaft the results are a polished shiny look!
Volume without frizz
Smooth Volume with the T-360
Hair without frizz
Get Rid of the Frizzies
T-360 for Hair Extensions

Did you know that the T-360 also works great when blowing Hair Extensions dry, because you can DIRECT THE AIR DOWNWARD by turning the end downward and not straight into the scalp where the Extensions are attached.  When you blow straight into the Extension it pulls at the root of the hair, loosening the Extension and “it hurts!”  Also the warm air won’t be directed straight into the keratin glue which can loosen the Extensions and that is because with the T-360 you can control where the air is directed more easily!

Ergonomically Designed:

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FAQ’s & Important Information

Is the T-360 Nozzle Universal?
The T-360 fits on almost all Blow-dryers. We recommend use with a “Quality” Blow-Dryers like BabylissPRO, Paul Mitchell, Elchim, Twin Turbo, and many more, Not a Bargain brand, Old, or a Blow-Dryer that didn’t come with any type of Concentrator Nozzle or Diffuser attachment.
What temperature setting is recommended for the T-360 nozzle?
For best results, shiny hair and less frizz, “we recommend that you set your blow-dryer to Low or Medium heat.” (High temperatures can cause overheating which can damage dryer & high heat is not good for your hair.

Warranty: If for any reason, within one year of purchase, your T-360 Blowdryer Nozzle should need repair, we will replace it for no charge (Excluding the shipping and handling).

Please send it to: (SMOOTHAIR PRODUCTS, P.O. BOX 896, CARDIFF, CA 92007)