Ergonomic Benefits of the Smooth-Air Brush and T360

Most stylists suffer through the stress and strain of blow-drying, putting up with sore wrists, arms, back, neck and shoulders.  Or at least more fatigue at the end of each day than is really necessary.  Proper attention to posture is an important step, but the ergonomics and features of the SmoothAir Brush and the T360 blow dryer nozzle attachment bring benefits to both hairdressers and their clients.

For Stylists

It’s important to maintain a relaxed and natural position while blow-drying.  With a dryer in one hand and a brush in the other, that can be difficult.  But with the T360 swivel and tilt adjustments, it’s quick and easy to get the airflow at just the right angles without contorting your body.  Those simple adjustments allow you to avoid raising your arms above shoulder height and keep them close to your body.  That means a lot less stress and fatigue for your arms and shoulders.

The Smooth-Air Brush’s longer barrel lets you take fewer wider sections.  That cuts down on drying time and results in better finishes.  The ergonomics of the longer yet lighter handle and balanced weight prevents tingling fingers and reduces hand fatigue.  And it’s virtually snag proof.

For Clients

Clients may not complain, but it’s uncomfortable to lean forward during drying.  By adjusting the T360 instead, that’s no longer necessary.  So the experience is more relaxing for them as well.

When you save time without compromising results your clients are bound to notice.  Especially if results are even better thanks to the techniques the longer barrel makes possible.  The ceramic coating on the SmoothAir brush distributes heat more evenly for better comfort, and the negative ions produced by the tourmaline infusion improves conditioning by closing the cuticle.  Clients often notice smoother, shinier hair with less frizz.

In Brief

Altogether, that’s a lot of win-wins for such an inexpensive and simple to use products!

The T360 attachment fits just about any blow dryer, and the Smooth-Air brush comes in 5 sizes, ranging from 1 inch (26 mm) to 2 5/8 inches (65 mm) across the barrel.