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Any work environment that keeps you on your feet all day takes its toll on the body.  So it’s important to pay attention to good posture, good footwear, and more.  Stylists also experience a great deal of stress on their upper body, commonly leading to neck and shoulder pain.  Did you know that 40% of hairdressers complain of neck pain?

A lot of those difficulties come from the hand positions and arm movements involved in blow drying.  Especially when the blow dryer weighs more than 1 pound.  But any repeated motions or time in stressful positions can cause problems.  Symptoms may develop so slowly that you don’t give them the attention they deserve.  But pain, including chronic pain, is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong and things need to change.

Hairdressers, Ergonomics and MSD Injury

What is ergonomics?  Simply put, it’s the study of work environments for injury prevention.

What are MSD injuries?  That’s not so simple.  The abbreviation MSD stands for musculoskeletal disorders.  In addition to muscles and bones, that mouthful also refers to tendon and nerve damage.  You’ve probably heard about musculoskeletal disorders by way of some of the specific conditions.

  • Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendons that anchor muscles to bones, and is most often caused by physical strain.  Symptoms include pain, cramps, and stiffening.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful compression of a particular nerve in the wrist.
  • Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa, pockets of lubricating fluid protecting major joints.  Symptoms include pain, cramps, stiffness, and weakness.

Due to the activities, hairdressers perform all day, chronic shoulder pain along with pains and soreness in the neck, back, and arms are common.  But nothing to be ignored.  It’s important to pay attention to ergonomics in order to to lower your risk of injuries requiring medical treatment.  And to feel better throughout the day and into the evening.

It’s helpful to think of the results of poor ergonomics and MSD injury in three stages.

  1. Feeling pain and muscle fatigue at the end of the day, but restored after a good night’s sleep.  It’s time to pay more attention to posture and how you go about your work.
  2. Pain persists into next day and may disturb your sleep and work performance.  If this rarely occurs it helps to take a sick day to rest and recover.  But no matter how frequent or infrequent it’s time to make major changes.  You may want to have a professional ergonomics assessment to prevent MSD injuries.
  3. Constant unending pain is clearly a clinical disorder.  Time to see a doctor right away.

What To Do

When you’ve experienced any discomfort — whether in your wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, or back — it’s time to make some changes.  The quickest and easiest is to make sure you have a blow dryer that’s lightweight (under 500 g, i.e. 1 pound) and has an ergonomic grip.  Then it’s time to break some habits.

  • Maintain a good posture, with a straight back and neck.
  • Avoid working in the same posture for long periods, or holding any part of your body in a particular position.  When blow drying switch hands back and forth.
  • With cutting and blow drying it’s especially important to minimize lifting your upper arms as well as to avoid repetitive lower arm and wrist motions.
  • Avoid raising your arms above your shoulders.

Easier said than done!  In particular, how do you do a good job of blow drying without those awkward positions and raising your arms up high?  After years of suffering through aches and pains we invented the Smooth Air T-360, a nozzle attachment that fits just about any blow dryer you might have.  Its patented 360 degree swivel and telescoping design makes it quick and easy to adjust away all those awkward positions.


T-360 Ergonomic Nozzle

(12 customer reviews)


  • EASY TO USE, Patented Design is TELESCOPIC AND ROTATES 360 degrees
  • UNIVERSAL FIT, The Flexible, stretchy, silicon end fits and grips onto your 1 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inch Blow Dryer end.
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The T-360 Ergonomic Blow-Dryer Nozzle is for Great for Women & Men at home and also Professional Hairstylists!

The T-360 Ergonomic Blow-Dryer Attachment Concentrator works on all hair types!

  • Create SHINE and ELIMINATE FRIZZ, with the ERGONOMIC T-360!
  • Convert your Blow-dryer into an ergonomic styling tool!
  • & Finally a hair dryer attachment that stays on your hair dryer and won’t Pop-Off!

*The Revolutionary T-360 Blow-dryer Nozzle Adapter was developed and Patented because so many Hairdressers and Consumers are tired of keeping their arms up in the air for long periods of time while trying to blow hair dry. This new Technology makes it easier to blow hair dry in the same direction as the cuticle of the hair shaft, resulting in BETTER CONDITION, SHINIER HAIR, LESS FRIZZ, richer looking COLOR and BLOWOUT’s will last longer!

* Did you know that when the cuticles of the hair shaft are CLOSED, the hair is more PROTECTED from the elements such as;SUN, HEAT, WIND and DRYNESS.

* The T-360 Ergonomic hair dryer attachment extends and it turns 360 degrees, so it helps you RE-DIRECT the air Flo in the same direction as the cuticles of the hair and it also helps you to get to those hard to reach areas, like the back of your hair while keeping your arm down and more relaxed.

  • No more having to hold your arms up for so long and
  • No more stretching and twisting into awkward positions to blow-dry hair!


T-360 Ergonomic Blow Dryer Attachment Nozzle Features:


The T-360 Hair Dryer Nozzle has a high quality silicon sleeve/adapter that fits onto your 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 ” inch blow dryer end, it stretches and it has a flexible sleeve so it fits snug onto your Hairdryer, so it won’t pop off!

The T-360 ROTATES around 360 degrees and it is also TELESCOPIC so you can extend it!

Simply turn the button on the side for more or less tension on the telescopic feature.


The T-360 ERGONOMIC design Eliminates the need for hairdressers and consumers fo raise their arms while using the Blow-dryer.

You can MANUALLY ADJUST and control the angle of airflow and target hard-to-reach areas while holding the blow dryer in a relaxed and comfortable position



When you are more comfortable blow-drying you will be less frustrated and fatigued and more likely to dry your hair “completely” and that will ELIMINATE FRIZZ because closed cuticles make the hair MORE SHINY and PROTECTED.


The purpose of the T-360 is to make it easier for you to blow hair dry in the same direction as the cuticle of the hair shaft for the perfect blow-out!

Re-Directing the Air-Flow Protects Colored Hair. When using the old style concentrators the hair gets frizzy because the air can only go straight out, so we blindly blast the air into the hair causing the frizz. Now with the T-360 you can redirect the air flow down the hair shaft.

Ergonomic for Comfortable Blowdrying. When you are able to keep your arm more comfortable while styling your hair, you will dry your hair completely and the results will be beautiful shine and smoothness.

Faster Blow-dry and Healthier Hair!Blow drying and styling long hair is easier with the T-360 nozzle concentrator because you can re-direct the air flow as you rest your arm

The T-360 helps you to Get Creative while Smoothing, Polishing and Styling the Hair!

LET THE T-360 DO THE WORK! Relax your body while you style your hair. Here a Flip was Created on the ends by turning the Nozzle UP! Turn the air Flo in any direction!

BLOWOUTS LAST LONGER!Blow-dry hair comfortably.The results will be SHINY, HEALTHIER, BEAUTIFUL HAIR! When you are more comfortable while drying your hair you will be more likely to dry your hair “Completely” and you won’t leave the hair slightly damp, which causes the hair to be Frizzy. Closing the cuticles of the hair shaft makes Blowouts last longer.

BEAUTIFUL SMOOTH SHINY HAIR!SHINE and POLISH your hair with the T-360 Blow Dryer attachment. Remember to keep your arm down as much as possible and let the T-360 do the work!

*Returns are accepted within 30 days of customer receiving shipped item, returned item will be processed and refunded, (minus the shipping and handling) within 5 working days after we receive item.  State board health standards do not allow brushes to be returned so please be sure to pick the correct size.

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12 reviews for T-360 Ergonomic Nozzle

  1. J.

    It’s so natural and it’s been so easy for me to use, it’s a total game changer for me. I could never go back to using a traditional nozzle again, I love it!

  2. Kate

    One given. To a professional in CT

    She loves it and it is kind to her body and do quicker. 2nd for my daughters
    Hair shines and arms not stiff she has very long hair and rides horses therefore washes hair every day

  3. Joyce T

    Great product. I have thick, curly hair and it takes a long time to dry. But with the t-360, it dries faster due to the air concentration by the nozzle. And the arthritis in my neck and shoulder is not an issue as I don’t have to raise my arms above my head. Love it!!!

  4. Mary Kinard

    I love this product so much!! Made such an amazing difference in condition of my hair and have noticed how much longer my style lasts. Nice& smooth.

  5. Jeanette Newell

    Jeanette Newell
    The California Cuts
    I absolutely love everything about this company, from the owners to the products. We had an amazing BD class. Both are exceptional trainers. They taught my staff techniques to help avoid causing pain to their shoulder and back. The T nozzle really works. The nozzle really does easily move 360* so that you can keep your arm down, preventing pain and injury to your shoulder. I had them use me as their model for the class. My hair came out so shiny, no frizz, and the bd time was only 20 minutes which my hair usually took 40 minutes. I highly recommend the nozzle and brushes! I believe in the nozzle and brushes so much, I bought them for my staff in all three salons.

  6. Kathy, California Cuts

    Styling hair in the Salon day after day can take a toll on the body, with the T-360 Hair Stylist can redirect the air to flow in the same direction as the cuticle by simply adjusting the Nozzle and “not” their arm.

  7. Ellie-Master Stylist

    “It’s so natural and it’s been so easy for me to use, it’s a total game changer for me. I could never go back to using a traditional nozzle again, I love it!”

  8. Roxie

    My hairdresser used this anti frizz device, the T-360 and my hair was so shiny and smooth that we didn’t even have to flat iron it. Highly recommend!

  9. 20+yr Hairstylist

    As a second generation hairstylist, growing up in a salon environment I have watched the hair tools technology grow and change, there was nothing that addressed the stress, strain and toll a stylist endures until now! This nozzle has changed my life, I had realized that I might have to change my career path because of the pain I was experiencing from holding up a blow dryer repeatedly. I realized it’s not just a stylist that has to experience this issue, the customer does too, and it explains why customers can’t get that “salon finish” at home. I was lucky enough to discover the T360 nozzle, it didn’t just save my career I love so much, I have introduced this technology to my clients and they are in shock by what they can do to their own hair at home. We all get beautiful shiny hair all the time minus the hard work/uncomfort! I love it, they love it. I couldn’t be more thankful and would 100% recommend that anyone who uses a blow dryer needs to try this nozzle.

  10. Teri U

    title: Smooth Air T-360: The Perfect Blend of Efficiency and Comfort Review: I recently had the opportunity to try out the Smooth Air T-360 blow dryer Nozzle and I must say, it has been a game-changer for my hair care routine. The standout feature of this hair dryer attachment is its ergonomic design, which sets it apart from other blowdryer nozzles on the market. One of the first things I noticed was how quickly my blowdryer dried my hair with the Smooth Air T-360, it significantly reduced drying time compared to my previous blow dryer concentrator. %C2%A0This was a huge time-saver, especially on busy mornings when I’m rushing to get ready. But what really impressed me was the way this blow dryer nozzle minimized frizz. The innovative nozzle design distributes heat evenly and gently, helping to seal the hair cuticles and reduce frizz and flyaways. I noticed a significant improvement in the smoothness and shine of my hair after just a few uses. It’s great to have a blow dryer concentrator nozzle that not only dries but also enhances the overall look of my hair. Additionally, the ergonomic design of the Smooth Air T-360 makes it a breeze to use. The lightweight construction and comfort allows for easy maneuverability, reducing strain on my arm and wrist during extended drying sessions. It’s clear that the manufacturer prioritized user comfort when designing this product. The nozzle focuses the airflow, providing precise control and allowing for targeted styling. Whether I want to achieve a sleek straight look or add some volume and texture, the nozzle helps me achieve the desired result effortlessly. Overall, the Smooth Air T-360 blow dryer nozzle delivers on its promises. The ergonomic design, quick-drying capabilities, frizz-minimizing features, makes the nozzle attachment an excellent investment for anyone looking to upgrade their hair care routine. I highly recommend giving it a try for a salon-quality drying experience in the comfort of your own home

  11. JOLENE

    I have long hair and the
    T-360 nozzle makes the pre dry easier for me to control the frizz!

  12. Stephanie (verified owner)

    This blow dryer attachment is amazing. It makes my hair so soft and gives lots of volume! It is so easy to use. I like that it rotates so I don’t have to lift my arms above my head to get a good angle. This attachment is a must have!!

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